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What's in the box?

This month we'll be testing your brain power and re-living some of your best teenage adventures. Invite your friends (or not!) for some retro fun and find out who will be star pupil and class clown in this back to school themed date night. Order by midnight 15th June.

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How does it all work?

Good question. Subscribers will receive a monthly box containing everything needed for an amazing date night - without facebook or Sky Plus. I promise you, it is possible!


Choose a 1, 3, 6 or 12 monthly subscription for yourself or as a gift.

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We'll create amazing themed date nights and send them mid-month.


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April Date Box

was Sensuality

This month you’re going to explore your senses, find out if your partner is a supertaster, super recogniser or just super to you! So, get ready to test your tastebuds, examine your eyesight and study your amazing bodies, let’s get sensual!

Orders closed - 15th April
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March Date Box

was Wilderness

Are you ready to recreate a romantic night under the stars without leaving your living room, learn some new survival techniques and explore your wild side, this date brings you the great outdoors with a capital Oooooo!!

Orders closed - 15th March
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February Box

was  Lovology

This date night will have you working together, laughing together and drinking together! Included in the box is everything you need to make some wonderful cocktails and learn some new skills. Just add ice, sugar, a couple of glasses and some lurve!

Orders ended -  15th February
Just Us Box
A huge thank you for our first date night - we had it for our 1st wedding anniversary going glamping so this was superb 🙂. We had the best time ever 😀. Thess, Norfolk
The date night was fab, we didn't take some of the challenges that seriously but certainly had lots of giggles trying the others! Clair M, Isle of Man
It's a lovely idea, it's the sort of thing I'd sign a friend up for as a wedding or baby shower present. Bev, Kent

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